ep4 Offshore References ep4 Offshore References

ep4 offshore GmbH list of references

Customer Country Year Description
Amrumbank West GmbH Germany 2004 Consulting for project application
2005 Study for obligatory navigational equipment for ocean going vessels
2005 Feasibility Study for the usability of harbour areas in Hamburg for foundation construction
Benthic Geotech Pty Australia 2004 Market Study for the Launch of PROD
2004/05 Representative for Benthic Geotech in Europe
Blue H Technologies BV Netherlands 2006 Consultancy and Project co-ordination
2007 Co-ordination of a proposal for the Seventh Framework Program of the EU
2008 Project Management, general consultancy
2008 Consultancy for offshore wind farms in Scottish waters
2009 Co-ordination of subsidy programs for offshore wind power in UK, Italy and France
2009 Project Management OWF Malta
BSK Bauschuttkontor GmbH Germany 2005 Consulting and assistance during application conference
EFI – Energyfarming International AG Germany 2008/2009 Consultancy for UK Round 3 offshore wind power
Consultancy for UK Round 3 offshore wind power Spain 2008/2009 Consultancy for UK Round 3 offshore wind power
German Project Developer Germany 2004 Production of an application for the German EEZ
2005 Geophysical Investigation in the German North Sea
German Investor Germany 2005 Support of a due diligence
German Investor Germany 2009 Technical availability calculations for an offshore wind farm in the North Sea
German Project Developer Germany 2009 Service concept for an offshore project in the German North Sea
German Project Developer Germany 2010 Operations Manual for a German offshore project
Global Wind Harvest LLC USA 2009 Preparation of tender documents
Lahmeyer International GmbH Germany 2007 Support of a due diligence
2007 Evaluation of O&M Concepts
Wetfeet GmbH Germany 2010/2011 Service Concept MEG Offshore I
MECAL Applied Mechanics BV Netherlands 2007 Support of a due diligence
2007 Modelling of offshore O&M
2008 Support of a two due diligences
2009 Support of three due diligences
2009 Support of three due diligences
2010 Support of a due diligence for Gwynt y Mor (Stadtwerke München)
Mitsubishi Power Systems Europe Ltd. Germany 2010/11 Senior O&M Advisor
OWP Adlergrund GmbH Germany 2005 Consulting for applications
Renner Offshore GmbH Germany 2005 Consultancy for vessel design
2006 Consultancy for O&M concept
2006 Literature study of geothermal potential in northern Germany
2006 Calculation of design wave parameters for a project area close to Helgoland
2008 Support of a feasibility study for offshore structures
Repower Systems AG Germany 2005 Area research in Schleswig-Holsteins coastal areas of North and Baltic Sea
RS Research Shipping GmbH Germany 2004 Research for geotechnical vessels
Sky Saver s.r.l. Italy 2005 Consulting and co-ordination of an offshore wind measurement
2006 Project management for the construction of an offshore foundation for a test site in the Adriatic Sea
2006 Geophysical investigations in the Adriatic Sea
Geophysical investigations in the Adriatic Sea Germany 2005 Consulting for offshore wind power in connection with a feasibility study for the Personnel Transfer System
2007/08 Supervisory of PTS-test
Global Tech I GmbH Germany 2009 Service Concept Global Tech I
2010/11 Project Manual Global Tech I
2010/11 Technical advisor of the project construction team
Zephiros Lld. Greece 2008 Area research in Greece waters
ep4 Offshore Company ep4 Offshore Company

The ep4 offshore GmbH is your development partner for offshore wind in the offshore wind sector!
Since 2002 we are initiating own projects and offer world-wide consultancy services.

ep4 Offshore Project Development ep4 Offshore Project Development

As international advisor ep4 offshore is world-wide involved in various projects and assists the customers to reach their goals at different stages of development.

ep4 Offshore Consulting & Service ep4 Offshore Consulting & Service

Do you need consultation concerning the planning of your project? It’s a pleasure for us to stand on your side as a competent partner.

For smooth licensing processes of your offshore projects we offer the creation of target-oriented concepts to you.

We find efficient logistic solutions for an economical, fast and safe carriage of your personnel and material.

ep4 Offshore Logistics ep4 Offshore Logistics

We offer efficient logistic solutions for the successful management of your offshore wind farm.

ep4 Offshore PTS ep4 Offshore PTS

Are you in search of a reliable and primarily safe access system for your offshore installation? With our PTS we offer an efficient and economical solution.

ep4 News

BBB, MECAL and ep4 offshore assist in major wind energy transaction - Stadtwerke München acquires a 49 percent share in "Sandbank" offshore project